Serial production under a franchise

Unique Business Offer - to produce Robots at your own enterprise under your own trademark.
This project is acquired by Botshare,Sp.z O.O.

Companies may not have the internal skills, time, or money to develop their own new products, so obtaining a proven product quickly through licensing may be very attractive. You minimize your costs and risks.
It makes competition easier if you're a small company with limited resources.
It is also suitable for large companies that want to quickly expand their range of services and products.

We offer several types of robots for licensed production.
This project is acquired by Botshare,Sp.z O.O.

Service robotics: delivery, disinfection, advertising.
This project is acquired by Botshare,Sp.z O.O.

Target market: FMCG, household goods supermarkets, shopping, entertainment and office centers, restaurants, catering, clinics and hospitals, any public and educational institutions, companies with openspaces and coworkings.


  • • reducing the cost of performing repetitive operations;
  • • increase service speed, stable and accurate work;
  • disinfection during the COVID19 pandemic and forever;
  • • contactless during the COVID19 pandemic;
  • • reduction of costs for search, training and personnel management;
  • • lack of a human factor;
  • • wow effect and customer loyalty.
Sanitizing robotics package "Santec" - more details
disinfection delivery robot Reznichenko Robotec
disinfection delivery robot Reznichenko Robotec
disinfection delivery robot Reznichenko Robotec

Disinfection robot "Santec"

Service robotics package "Servotec" - more details

Logistics robotics: AMR, AGV, AMC.
This project is acquired by Botshare,Sp.z O.O.

If you already work in the area of Logistics, 3PL, FMCG, Retail, trade equipment, electromechanical equipment - this offer suits you ideally!

Robotics types we provide:

  • • Goods-to-Person technology (G2P) — Similar to AS/RS, G2P technology includes goods-to-person picking robots that deliver items to picking stations, where operators are stationed to fill orders as items are delivered.
  • • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) — AGVs, such as self-driving forklifts, transport inventory from one location to another within the warehouse.
  • • Automated Guided Carts (AGCs) — AGCs and AGVs are sometimes grouped in the same category. The main difference is that AGCs carry smaller loads.
  • • Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) — Autonomous mobile robots are similar to AGVs and AGCs in that they transport inventory and materials throughout a warehouse autonomously.

Logistics robotics package "Logitec" - more details

amr agv logistics robotics Reznichenko Robotec
amr agv logistics robotics Reznichenko Robotec
amr agv logistics robotics Reznichenko Robotec

R&D and educational robotics.
This project is acquired by Botshare,Sp.z O.O.

If you work with R&D centers, Educational centers, Universities, High schools we offer educational robots with curriculum for licensed production:

R&D and educational robotics package "Edutec"

Serial Robotics Production under license (Franchising).
This project is acquired by Botshare,Sp.z O.O.

For your existing clients you will propose your NEW High-tech Product

If a You wants to growth, you need to continually add new products to replace declining products. Also, a company may want to diversify by expanding its product line to take up excess manufacturing or marketing capacity, level out seasonal highs and lows, or simply add to profitability with a proven product, with a high margin product that is widely demanded on the today's market.

We will provide:

  • • technology (tech and production documents);
  • • train and recruit personnel (if nedded);
  • • set up and debug processes, organize the supply of components;
  • • if necessary, produce for you those parts that at first you cannot produce on your facilities.
  • Our AMR navigates using:

  • • VSLAM, SLAM technology;
  • • Deep Neural Networks;
  • • LIDAR, Computer Vision, Depth Camera;
  • • Software created based on ROS2, works in real-time.

Why would a company look for products it can produce under license?

In today's world of rapid technological change, new technologies are the key to economic growth. Today, many products have very short life cycles and are readily replaced in the marketplace by new technology.

What are the advantages of licensing?

You get access to the experience and know-how of the company that developed the product. This company may be much larger than yours, with development capabilities that you cannot afford. You get to break into a new market with this new product, but with the benefit of the experience gained in another market.
  • • it costs less than buying an entire company;
  • • you don't pay for expensive and time consuming research and development;
  • • you don't pay development costs up front;
  • • you pay royalties when you start making sales;
  • • you won't have large losses if the product doesn't become successful in your market area.

Determination of an acceptable consensus between the licensor and the licensee will be reached through negotiations.

As a licensor, you will be expected to provide the legal agreement that will ensure both parties are fully aware of their respective rights and responsibilities, over and above simply determining royalties.

Good legal advice is usually required to negotiate such things as:
  • • exclusive rights to the invention;
  • • territories allocated;
  • • what exactly is being licensed (technology transfer, engineering specs, use of trademark);
  • • who pays for obtaining patents in licensed territories;
  • • are future improvements to the product included under the license;
  • • what resources are available if the licensee is late on payments;
  • • can either party transfer rights under the agreement to another party;
  • • who bears liability resulting from injuries sustained from the product;
  • • what are termination provisions of the agreement.
Our AMR is effective and at the level of world standards, the robot fully complies with safety standards and has technical characteristics that easily compete with World leaders on the Market.
We are constantly working to improve all AMR components and software.

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