Logistics AMR under a franchise.
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Reznichenko Robotec
Reznichenko Robotec
Reznichenko Robotec

Logistics Market Opportunities

Key Warehouse Automation Drivers

We at Robotec Logistics see substantial growth opportunities in the warehouse automation equipment space owing to several structural trends in consumer demand within eCommerce, retailing and 3PL logistics. According to a recent LogisticsIQ latest report, the Warehouse Automation market was valued at US $13 billion in 2018 and is expected to be worth US $27 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 11.7% during the forecast period (2019 to 2025).
Drivers and facilitators or this growth include:

Automation for Customer Fulfillment – Meeting customer demands within e-commerce requires increased adoption of warehouse automation solutions to keep costs and operational complexity in check. Online retailing is fundamentally a logistics business driven by margin improvement from cost reduction in inventory management, order fulfillment, and delivery capabilities.

Scalable Solutions – Double-digit growth in e-commerce and online grocery sales is driving players to expand capacity to deliver required volumes. Warehouse automation solutions are built for scale and can deliver higher output and more accurate order fulfillment than a manual setup at lower operating costs and can increase the customer satisfaction as well as improve margins by reducing the delivery time as well as cutting down on the cost of wrong orders.

Cost Efficiency and Quality – Automated and robotic solutions are easing the increasing pressure felt by online grocery retailers to get orders out to customers more efficiently while reducing fulfillment costs. Warehouse automation solutions can both increase picking speed and volumes while decreasing picking inaccuracy due to a reduction in the number of human interactions. In addition, robots are independent of labor market conditions and can work 24/7 without requiring any overhead costs such as pensions, health insurance, vacations or breaks. They also do not require training, an extra cost associated with the additional or temporary hires necessary during the peak shopping cycles.

Online Grocery Retail – Online grocery retail is the perfect use-case owing to the high-volume, low-margin nature of the business and the constraints involved in storing and delivering “fresh” products that typically involve temperature controlled supply chains. Warehouse automation is a perfect solution for this model, as the order picking and fulfillment process can be made more cost-efficient enabling the retailer to compete on prices as well as offer same-day delivery.

Efficiency – The spatial savings from reduced warehouse footprints can be up to 85% and reductions in operational costs of up to 65%.

Effectiveness – Warehouse automation solutions result in faster process times and reduced picking errors, and hence improved service levels.

Optimization of Operations – Warehouse automation solutions can be optimized through programming for continuous improvement in processes such as dynamic storage, inventory management and overnight relocation of goods.

Reznichenko Robotec
Reznichenko Robotec
Reznichenko Robotec

Technical specification

Dimension Maximum payload Maximum speed Maximum rotation speed Stop accuracy Navigation Obstacle detection distance Power supply Battery life Run time Certification Working temperature
400kg 2m/s without load,1.5m/s full load 90°/1.5s,180°/2s <10mm Inertial sensors + SLAM
2m laser, US LiFePo4,DC28.8V,54Ah Full charging and discharging >2000 cycles Charging 10 min. working 2~3 hours CE -20~50
600kg 2m/s without load 1.6m/s full load >90°/1.5s,180°/2s <10mm Inertial sensors + VSLAM 2m infrared / 3m laser LiFePo4, DC28.8V, 54Ah Full charging and discharging >2000 cycles Charging 10 minutes working 2~3 hours CE、ETL、FCC -20~50
1000kg 2m/s without load 1.6m/s full load 90°/1.5s,180°/2s <10mm Inertial sensors + VSLAM 2m infrared / 3m laser LiFePo4, DC28.8V, 54Ah Full charging and discharging >2000 cycles Charging 10 minutes working 2~3 hours CE、ETL、FCC -20~50

Unique Business Offer - to produce Robots at your own enterprise under your own trademark.

Reznichenko Robotec
Reznichenko Robotec
Reznichenko Robotec

If you already works in the area of Logistics, 3PL, FMCG, Retail, trade equipment, electromechanical equipment - this offer suits you ideally!

We will provide:

  • • technology (tech and production documents);
  • • train and recruit personnel (if nedded);
  • • set up and debug processes, organize the supply of components;
  • • if necessary, produce for you those parts that at first you cannot produce on your facilities.
  • Our AMR navigates using:

  • • VSALM/SLAM technology;
  • • Deep Neural Networks;
  • • LIDAR, Computer Vision, Depth Camera;
  • • Software created based on ROS2, works in real-time.

  • Our AMR is effective and at the level of world standards, the robot fully complies with safety standards and has technical characteristics that easily compete with World leaders on the Market.
    We are constantly working to improve all AMR components and software.

For your existing clients you will propose your NEW High-tech Product

If a You wants to growth, you need to continually add new products to replace declining products. Also, a company may want to diversify by expanding its product line to take up excess manufacturing or marketing capacity, level out seasonal highs and lows, or simply add to profitability with a proven product, with a high margin product that is widely demanded on the today's market.

Buy logistics robotics franchise package (AMR, AGS, AGV, G2P technologies)

Logistics robotics package - contact us for more details*

* - the price is for Ukrainian customers. For other countries, the price may vary depending on your region (CIS, Europe, Asia, USA, Middle East, etc).

As a licensor, you will be expected to provide the legal agreement that will ensure both parties are fully aware of their respective rights and responsibilities, over and above simply determining royalties.

Determination of an acceptable consensus between the licensor and the licensee will be reached through negotiations.

Good legal advice is usually required to negotiate such things as:
  • • exclusive rights to the invention;
  • • territories allocated;
  • • what exactly is being licensed (technology transfer, engineering specs, use of trademark);
  • • who pays for obtaining patents in licensed territories;
  • • are future improvements to the product included under the license;
  • • what resources are available if the licensee is late on payments;
  • • can either party transfer rights under the agreement to another party;
  • • who bears liability resulting from injuries sustained from the product;
  • • what are termination provisions of the agreement.