Who we are

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Our mission

Robotec - lifesaving robotics. We create robots that save human lives.
We are confident that robots can protect people from hazardous production factors, from heavy, disruptive work in warehouses, from working with chemicals in the field and from eating food treated with chemicals.

"We believe that the well-being of each person will lead us to a prosperous society, where each of us have right to reveal and realize intellectual and emotional potential, to be creative, to live a healthy and safe life.
Machines, automation, robots - are one of the most realistic and already realized ways to achieve this.
It looks like the new World Order, described in various narratives about various Utopias since the 16th century, stories about a robotic Paradise and experiments with basic income - are now becoming not so utopian and may become a new reality very soon.
Before we read about it - now we are directly involved in this transformation. Will see."

- Best regards Alex Reznichenko

Our Vision

Our Team creating Innovations that matters for lifesaving Globally

Our motivated, talented and experienced Team of professionals will be recognised as the best in their field. Our sustained success will be built on full human involvement and widespread technology integration in the work process

Believing in mutual responsibility and interdependence with Team and our Clients, we work efficiently and on time. Believing that we can reach the greatest heights together, we don't settle for less than being the best

By listening to our customers' opinions, we offer products, services and innovative thinking that enable us to succeed together and build strong relationships

Our curiosity, motivation and enthusiasm are contagious and spread both inside and outside the team, among our clients and their teams. We inspire people around to succeed

Our work is an interesting and inspiring part of our life, we do not waste energy during work hours, we gain passion and can pass it on to our families and friends. We create a fuller and richer lifestyle around us

We strive to maximize human potential and unleash our human capabilities to learn how to achieve a safier better world and personal well-being

Our Values

Doing Work
Creating Innovations
Working with the Team
  • Curiosity & Persistence;
  • Focus & Discipline;
  • Excellence & Pedantry;
  • Integrity & Accountability;
  • Fast & Sense of Urgency;
  • Think Company & Customer First;
  • Communicate clearly.
  • Think outside the box;
  • Challenge constructively;
  • Take risk;
  • Act before others do;
  • Accomplish and improve;
  • Great - it is just a first step.
  • Be Honest;
  • Be Reliable & Loyal;
  • Feel personal responsibility;
  • Learn from each other;
  • Be accountable;
  • Feel belonging;
  • Create a positive place to work.
  • Working with Clients
    In Life
  • Fast is better than slow;
  • Customer orientation;
  • Results orientation;
  • Always deliver exceptional quality;
  • Reliability and timeliness are unaltered;
  • Act Win - Win;
  • Growth together;
  • Represent our values.
  • Spread positive and passion;
  • Learn constantly;
  • Support ethical initiatives;
  • Don't worry - Be happy!

  • Mission can only be possible through commercial success
  • Vision is what leads us to success
  • Values is something that we are not ready to sacrifice and what we are guided by on the way to success
  • Our Team well known on the robotics and hi-tech market - RobotecUA is the part of Allok.group.

    Our goal is to create robots
    that unleash and release human potential

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    Meet our Team

    Alex Reznichenko
    co-founder, have more than 15 years of experience in R&D, more than 10 years as a CEO - creating a new product, bringing a product to the market, company management, finance, production start-up and supply management. Managed several of his companies, created from the idea to production and exit, serial entrepreneur.
    Andrey Saltanov
    General Design Engineer with 15 years of experience, more than 6 years in designing robots, for a long time the main activity was the design of thermal insulation for reactor rooms and office premises of nuclear power plants, in 2008 he took part in the design of one of the nodes for the International Space Station.
    Nick Reznichenko
    has 6 years of experience in the development and supervision of work on the production of robots, he is fluent in ROS, C ++, Python, electronics, PCB design. Nick launched more than 10 types of robots from idea to prototype and pre-production, knows everything about software and hardware testing.
    Illya Shvarov
    co-founder, SW engineer, conducts research work in the field of autonomous precision navigation, using ROS, GNSS RTK, SLAM technology, AI-based computer vision, CNN for object recognition and ML.
    Ruslan Bredun
    a young ambitious person is constantly improving his qualifications as a general manager. He was educated at the Polytechnic University with honors, is engaged in scientific work and develops a young and ambitious company Robotec. Ruslan has experience in project management and a wide range of knowledge both in the technical field and in management.
    Dmitry Tkachenko
    developing a strategy for promoting our product to domestic and international markets. Go-to-market fit, analysis of competitors in the direction, identification of strengths and the use of the best tools, constant search for new channels of lead generation, generation of informational reasons to attract the attention of the target audience without direct advertising, preparation of materials for promotion: news, articles, cases, reviews, presentations, cases, videos and so on, search and application of new digital tools to improve product promotion - our Hero does it all.
    Ruslan Bredun

    CIO, co-Founder

    Iryna Povalyaeva

    CEO, co-founder

    Nick Reznichenko

    QA, Assembly Engineer

    Illiya Shvarov

    SoftWare Engineer, co-founder

    Dmitry Tkachenko

    Marketing manager

    Wanted into the Team

    CFO, co-founder

    Wanted into the Team

    CTO, co-founder

    Alex Reznichenko

    Co-founder, Angel investor

    Meet our Subcontractors

    Dmitriy Mishnev

    Construction Design

    Mohamed Hassan Ahmed

    SW development

    Deep NN Specialists Wanted

    VSLAM, object recognition

    Omprakash Patra

    Roboticist & System Designer

    Meet our Partners

    Victor Yermak

    CEO of Skyglyph, Tech partner

    Farms Partners Wanted

    Verification of the technology

    Sergey Postolnik

    Partner of Open Source project

    Distribution Partners Wanted

    Expanding the dealer network

    Meet our Advisers

    Victor Mazur

    Finance, PhD in Economics

    Sergey Novoselov

    Robotics Navigation, PhD, Prof., NURE

    Andrey Ekezli

    Microwave technology, PhD, NURE

    Diana Strelets

    Digital Marketing

    Yevheniy Chorniy

    Ozone water mist nozzle spray

    Scientists wanted


    Data scientist wanted

    Data Analytics Master

    Tatjana Frolova

    Leading researcher, PhD, Microwave

    Great - it is just a first step

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